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Report Suggests Truffle Oil Caused Fig & Olive Salmonella Cases

Another reason to avoid "truffle oil." (The other being that most of it is synthetic.)

Sears warns investors it has "substantial doubt" it will stay in business

I can't remember the last time I went into Sears. Not that there are any around me, but do remember growing up in the 1960's two blocks from one. That was when the clothes on the racks looked right out of their catalogs. (Most of the men looked like they just stepped off a golf course and the women model hip-length bras that looked very uncomfortable, but slimming.) We always had Craftsman tools and when I grew up, I made a point to have Craftsman tools in my toolbox as I grew older, since they were really as well-made as they said they were. It'll be sad to see it go, but not sure how they can carry on, because the image I have of them is so firmly locked in the past.

Her Memory Fading, Paula Wolfert Fights Back With Food

Love this profile of Paula Wolfert and looking forward to seeing the book!

Glaces Glazed Ice Cream Shop in Paris

A great ice cream shop in Paris, Glaces Glazed features inspired ice cream flavor combinations that will rock your world. Not just because Henri, the ice cream-maker is a rock fan. But because he hits the flavors just right. Check out his shop in Paris that's wowing Parisians with his creative flavor combinations!

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Chef fermentation room at Alain Ducasse at Hotel Plaza Athénée - Chef Romain Meder is fermenting everything from peanuts and garlic, to lobster shells and gooseberries. Impressive!

Our messed-up relationship with food has a long history. It started with butter.

Yup. I remember when butter was the bad guy.

40 Ways The World Makes Awesome Hot Dogs - Food Republic

I like this vintage-style "Guide to Hot Dogs" from around the world, although I gotta say, the best hot dogs I ever had were in Mexico, wrapped in bacon, and grilled on a street cart. Someone convinced me to try one - and I was glad I did!

Huntington Beach restaurant fires waiter after he asks 4 diners for 'proof of residency'

Note to self: Bring passport to restaurant tonight.

Remembering the Italian Baking Expert Carol Field

Lovely remembrance by Corby Kummer

ON RUE TATIN for rent - Susan Herrmann Loomis | On Rue Tatin

Ever dreamed of living in a Tudor-style house in Normandy, with an amazing French kitchen?

Behind Lucky Peach’s Closing, Colliding Visions

A more in-depth look at the closing of Lucky Peach

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Basil ice cream, bergamot curd and sorrel + Caramelized banana tart with coconut ice cream...great end to meal at Fulgurances - bravo to Chef Pham

Wine Harvester's Chicken

I'm a big proponent of braised meats. The long, gentle simmer coaxes flavors out and tenderizes beef, pork, and even chicken. Another bonus? Most of the work is done in the oven! (Another bonus? Amazing leftovers.) Check out this Wine Harvester's Chicken, with grapes and bacon - it was a big hit at my dinner table, and it'll be on yours, too! Click for recipe=>

Is Gascony the Most Delicious Corner of France?

I love this part of France, especially Gers. (And wonder why more people don't go there?)

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I am not in the mood to share any of these today...

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Jambon de Paris & fromage galette (buckwheat crêpe)

‘Lucky Peach’ Will Likely Fold in May

This is sad. I liked that the magazine/website tackled more off-the-beaten-path subjects, and 101 Easy Asian Recipes, one of their books is a pretty great cookbook.

Hilarious Jack Russell Goes Crazy with Excitement at Crufts 2017!

Here's your happy break for the day! (On the fun scale: 10/10)

Homemade Corned Beef - David Lebovitz

Yes, it's pretty well known by now that Irish people don't eat corned beef on St. Patrick's Day, but a lot of other people do. (btw: If you haven't been - Ireland rocks!) So it's the time of year that many of us want to celebrate with our friends in one of the loveliest places I've ever been, whatever we want to drink (and eat) to celebrate our Irish friends. Normally I brine my corned beef for a week but if I could find a brisket in Paris, I'd brine one up anyways, and make this traditional New England dinner this weekend...

Matzo Makeover: Can The Bread Of Affliction Become A Snack Addiction?

I love matzoh (Pain azyme, in French) since it makes a crisp, thin (and relatively neutral) cracker for dips and spreads - and who can resist matzoh brei?

La Mère Poulard Omelet, at Mont Saint-Michel

So much fun to take a too-quick trip to Normandy and Mont Saint-Michel. But I did have time to watch the making, and taste, the most famous omelet in the world at La Mère Poulard, which is a secret, but it involves a heckuva lot of whipping - and a big appetite to finish! On top of it all, it was a festival of copper bowls. In other words, I was in heaven. Check out the pictures and stories I just posted on my blog. Click through to read=>

Rush hour on the road in Normandy 🇫🇷

Carol Field, Italian baking expert and cookbook author, dies

If you don't know who Carol Field was, you should, especially if you're a baker. Her book, The Italian Baker, brought the pastries and breads of Italy to America, and she made them accessible for home cooks. But it wasn't just home cooks, we used her books and recipes where I worked and they became part of our repertoire and I still make them today. She was one of those people who was there, when Americans were rediscovering fresh ingredients, home cooking and baking, and authentic foods from other cultures - and was a major influences on me, and many, many others.

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