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Rhubarb Gin

Love the look and sound of this. (And need to figure out how Edd Kimber did that amazing cocktail-pouring GIF!)

Bette Kroening, pioneering owner of Bette’s Oceanview Diner, dies at 71

I remember Bette's before Fourth Street in Berkeley turned into a shopping center. It was a little place near the freeway that was always packed. Great food (and lines!)

Watercress Soup - David Lebovitz

I found myself with a big bunch of watercress and realized it's been a while since I made this soup. It's super-simple (the active time prepping the ingredients takes maybe 10 minutes?) and the result is a peppery, deeply flavored soup, perfect during these colder months. And perfect if you find a bunch of watercress in your refrigerator!

Watch Chef's Table Online | Netflix

I've found some of the lengthy chef's shows ponderous after the first thirty minutes. But Chef's Table is always excellent. I especially enjoyed the episodes with Alex Atala, Dominique Crenn, Nancy Silverton, Ivan Orkin, and Jeong Kwan, a Korean monk who cooks for (and with) the other monks in her temple.

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My "office" today.

Models save teens who fell through ice

Best news of the day!

Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep.

Stressed? Need to get some work done? Need to sleep? Or to stop panicking? Moby just released 4 hours of free calming music sounds. Putting my (noise-cancelling) headphones on now...

Five Favorite Food Shops in Paris

There are a lot of shops in Paris selling everything from great cheese to exotic spices (and breads, and charcuterie, and fruits, and...) but these 5 really stand out for offering something special, from locally sourced vegetables to artisan smoked sausages, dark honeys, French liqueurs, and even elusive Middle Eastern ingredients. Check out 5 of my favorites in Paris! Click link to read=>

PUNCH | The Year European Beer Died

Has European beer lost its hold in America?

Fake News Firestorm Hits French Presidential Election

There was a demonstration last weekend in Paris, which isn't unusual (!) and a reader asked me about how safe it was. When I Googled it, the top 2 sites showed something that looked like a full-on riot accompanied by a headline that made it seem like the city was under siege. One of the two sites is spending a huge amount of money to have a presence in France. If you want to read news about France, including news about the upcoming Presidential election, it's best to get it from a trusted news source.

French outraged as McDonald's puts potatoes in Salad Nicoise

I don't know. I've seen some pretty egregious examples of salade Niçoise in France, which included canned corn, and rice. Maybe it's time to give it "protected" status, to prevent future infractions?

How to eat: porridge

I'm so out of the loop. I thought porridge was something different than oatmeal, which it doesn't seem to be. Who knew it could be so complicated? (I'm a brown sugar and butter, or maple syrup kinda guy, with a few flecks of sea salt. #simplicity)

International Salon of Agriculture: Porte de Versailles, Paris

Starting this week, the Salon International de l'Agriculture 2017 in Paris. It's HUGE!


Sorry, but ne'er the two shall meet...

Francophones furious over English slogan for Paris Olympic bid | Euronews

I kind of agree. (And not necessarily because it's in English...) But what does "Made for Sharing" mean? Maybe they could have come up with a slogan in French that used words that were similar, or the same, as in English, to make it more globally recognizable. Just my 2¢...

L'eclair de Genie | Eclairs: Easy, Elegant and Modern Recipes

Just saw this new book from pastry chef Christophe Adam of L' Eclair de Génie in Paris which promises to make his intricate éclairs easy - looking forward to checking it out!

Chef Nancy Silverton on Netflix, pizza dough and becoming a celebrity chef

This is a great episode on one of my favorite bakers (and a friend) and it captures how obsessive she is about quality, and getting things right. I remember the bread in Los Angeles before La Brea bakery, which was usually bagged up in plastic. All of that changed because of her.

Monopoly maker Hasbro asked the internet to pick new board game tokens. This classic figurine just got kicked out - maybe forever.

I love(d) the thimble! Because you could put your pinky finger in it, and when you pulled it out at an angle, it made a sharp snapping noise...

America first, France second (official)

French humor :)

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Jumbo potato-filled dosa (From the Indian restaurant listed on my Paris restaurants page http://www.davidlebovitz.com/paris/)

Food Photography Workshop with Tim Clinch- Food Stories from Gascony - Kitchen at Camont

If you're interested in food photography (accompanied by amazing food), this upcoming workshop with Kate Hill and Tim Clinch might be of interest. I took Tim's food photography class in Spain, which was excellent, and there is nothing more photogenic than Kate's kitchen, as well as the local butchers and fabulous outdoor markets in Gascony. A great chance to experience France through the lens of Tim, and the Gascon foods from Kate's kitchen.

Perspective | We think fresh is best. But to fight food waste, we need to think again.

"After produce, seafood is the second-most-wasted food; about half of it ends up in the trash."

Ice Skating Rink at the top of the Montparnasse Tower

Ice skate on the roof of Montparnasse Tower this winter!

Unforgettable: The Bold Flavors of Paula Wolfert's Renegade Life

Wow. A letter from Julia Child to a publisher, encouraging them to promote Paula Wolfert's book: Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco, which was instrumental for introducing Moroccan cooking to America.

Three (adventurous) Drinks You Have to Try in Paris » Paris will be Paris

A friend of mine (bravely) tried the hot chocolate with oysters (I'd heard about it, too, but passed...), and the other two I'm wary of as well...

In Chinatown, a Go-To Thai Grocery

I love going to shops like this. I always buy stuff in jars, like chili and shrimp paste, palm sugars, etc - that I'm not sure what to do with. But I get them anyways. (And I have a drawful to prove it!) via Andy Ricker

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Yup. That persimmon was really ripe...

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies

These are The Big Kahuna of chocolate chip cookies, loaded with an overload of chocolate and chocolate chips. Meltingly soft in the center with crisp edges (like your favorite brownie) these cookies have it all. I've been eating more than my share of them, although I finally gave a few to friends as well. But they were hard to let go. Get the recipe on my site=>

Blue Train reveries: the Paris-to-Nice sleeper

I didn't know there was still a sleeper car from Paris to Nice.

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Worlds largest bottle of Chartreuse? At Le Bon Georges

The Instant Pot Cult Is Real

Hmmm, maybe I should sell my still-unopened multi cooker, and try one of these?

'Allo 'Allo: When French politicians speak English - France 24

Macron for the win (at least in English...) - !

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