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I Hate New Ice Cream

In praise of old-fashioned ice cream

Fresh Corn Soup - David Lebovitz

I'm hitting the multicultural markets in Paris this week in search of corn on the cob. (I got some nice chiles at the Indian market a few days ago.) With both of those ingredients in tow, I'm planning on making this corn soup. The gentle heat of this dish cools things down (we're having another heat wave), and the abundance of corn is a celebration of summer. Ok...my quest for corn begins today! Check out the recipe=>

Chocolate - Olive Oil Zucchini Bread

Got zucchini? Here's a beautiful (and delicious looking) way to use 'em up...

Paris for $400? What Money Buys on the New Low-Cost Airlines

In my experience, when you add in all the extras (seat assignment, luggage fees, etc.) they're not much better deals than the legacy carriers.

S'mores Ice Cream Pie with Salted Butter Chocolate Sauce

I've been sitting on this S'mores Ice Cream Pie (thankfully, not literally...) for a few days now until I could write it all up, and here it is! Buttery Graham cracker crumbs make the shell, toasted marshmallows go on top, and inside is a cool, creamy layer of your favorite ice cream. To finish it up, I drizzled slices with Salted Butter Chocolate Sauce. Yes...really. It's a great summer dessert that can be made in advance for do-ahead folks. Check out the recipe, just posted on my blog. Click to read=>

Gâteau de voyage rhum coco super moelleux

Good desserts cross all borders. Here's my Rum-Coconut Cake...in French. Merci C'est moi qui l'ai fait !

How to Make Ice Cream - The Victorian Way

This made my day...

Timeline Photos

Thrilled that Kitchen Arts & Letters, the great culinary bookstore in NYC, liked my upcoming book so much! (Due out in Nov - available for pre-order now.)

Timeline Photos

Happy Bastille Day! / 14 juillet !

L'incroyable "Get Lucky" des Daft Punk joué par la fanfare pour le 14-Juillet

French marching band does "Get Lucky" for Bastille Day

Basil Vinaigrette recipe

It's basil season and I made this dressing for the first time this season, and realized why it's one of my favorites. (fyi: Everyone asked for the recipe, so I'm not the only one...) It's great served with vegetables, fresh tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, or anywhere you want a major blast of basil flavor. It's the sauce of summer! Check out the super-easy Basil Vinaigrette recipe here=>http://www.davidlebovitz.com/basil-vinaigrette/

Fresh Ginger Lemonade

Need something to cool ya down this summer? I do, and this zingy lemonade fit the bill. (I polished off a whole pitcher, by myself.) This tart, tangy lemonade with the zip of fresh ginger is perfect on a hot day, served over plenty of ice. Check out the recipe here=>

Cigarette packets could cost €10

Australia is raising the price to $45/pack https://tinyurl.com/yd4azpl4

FBI: Flight attendant broke wine bottle over passenger's head after lunge for door

Like I always say: Don't mess with flight attendants.

10+ Times Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving

The strawberry, halved.

Le chef pâtissier Laurent Jeannin est décédé

Wow, the incredibly talented pastry chef at the Bristol passed away. He was a really nice guy and because I'm a little wary of making absolute statements, I once called him "probably the best pastry chef in Paris" (because I haven't tried the pastries everywhere), but he was certainly at the very, very top of the heap. http://www.davidlebovitz.com/epicure-at-the-bristol-hotel-restaurant-paris/ He'll be missed...

Opinion: Instagram Food Is a Sad, Sparkly Lie

It is interesting how food has become a lot more vertical (or rainbow swirled)

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